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With a name inspired by the sacred pyramids of Peru that served as religious and administrative centers of the ancient Inca Empire, Huaca bar-restaurant becomes the ambassador of the modern Peruvian gastronomy.

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Located in Mets, the most artistic neighborhood of Athens, Huaca Nikkei Resto Bar elevates the Nikkei cuisine –as this blend of flavorful Peruvian tradition and Japanese techniques is officially called– and reveals one of the most popular contemporary culinary trends. The setting, featuring a long bar, sophisticated decorative elements, ethnic details, Latin American influences and Japanese zen vibes is part of a meticulous design concept focusing on the balanced combination of flavors, colors, aromas, ingredients and cultures, for a complete fusion dining experience. The whimsical, high-class menu of Huaca reflects a multi-culti approach, with classic Peruvian dishes from the Andes, immigrants’ specialties and Japanese sushi landing on your table, all the while oozing elegant exoticism. Without a doubt, the protagonist of the catalogue is the famous Peruvian ceviche (seafood fillet, marinated in citrus juice), followed by tiraditos, the Peruvian version of sashimi, where fish or other seafood is thinly sliced and served in citrus juice.

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